Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Ramblings

Resolutions: 2009

Making new year resolutions isn't all that original. However, we humans have a need to mark the passage of time (even though there's some evidence that it's a construct and doesn't actually exist) and to steer our lives toward specific outcomes.

Hence the annual lists of Do's and Don'ts written each December. (January is a new year. Isn't it?)

In honor of this tradition, here is my ONE resolution: To cultivate the traits of Gratefulness and Generosity. That's it. I can assure you that this won't be as easy to accomplish as it sounds.

When one has spent a lifetime worrying or complaining about what she doesn't have, it is a major shift to emphasize my numerous blessings (children and grands; a funny, adorable mom; three sweet sisters; varied talents and abilities; a job I like; a loving extended family; good health; a sense of humor; a love for adventure; long-term friendships; new friends; a new start in Las Vegas; publishing my first article locally; and just being alive)

No, mindless repetition of "Thank You's." I intend to express heartfelt appreciation for whatever good comes my way, as often as possible, and to give GENEROUSLY without expectation of return or reward.

Obama Watching

  • It's just about a month to the Inauguration (January 20) with all its pomp and circumstance. The First Couple is so fashionable that I can't wait to see what they will be wearing. Michelle is so not like the stereotype of black women that America has fostered. She's stylish and sexy. Barack has the ideal frame to look sleek in a finely tailored suit. Watch out Washington, here they come!

  • I still have to pinch myself when I see photos of Barack Obama, president-elect! America has never seen a president like this before. For example, his interviews with Michelle show a couple who appear just like the husbands and wives I know. A bit of teasing here. A friendly verbal jab. In a recent interview with Barbara Walters, Michelle and Barack were almost flirtatious, holding hands and leaning into each other. I've never seen Bush or Clinton or any other prez so intimate with their wife. Lets' hope the Obamas' marriage holds up under the hard scrutiny of the American public.

  • The sniping of the new President has begun. He's got a false birth certificate; His staff might have had some part in selling his Congressional seat; He's filling key posts with former Clinton appointees; He needs to get a plan for Universal Health Care; He's got to get on top of environmental issues now; He must stop the bleeding of jobs; He should effectively fight terrororism while ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is his hair getting grayer by the week? Or is it my imagination. Hummm?

  • I've heard some comments that Obama might be the role model for some black men who are guilty of less than responsible behavior towards their families. I suspect that the type of guy who needs encouragement to Do the Right Thing isn't likely to change because the face in the White House looks more like his. Nuff said.

  • What's this about the President Bush not being able to allow the Obamas into the White House in time for their kids to go to school? It seems like a presidential slap in the face. I know, the Bushes had not expected them to want to move in earlier. But sending them to a hotel? Come on. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? There'd be calls for the Obamas to do something to accommodate the new President. Am I being too sensitive? Perhaps. But it just seems wrong.

Celebrity Sniping

Have you noticed that sooner or later, even the biggest celebrities get the KISS OFF from fans and media?

Here's my list of biggies in show biz who, according to critics, can do no right:

Tom Cruise--a buffoon (after his couch-jumping on "The Oprah Winfrey Show") and Scientology zealot.

Madonna--a middle-age has-been making headlines by adopting an African child.

Will Smith--a fan favorite, but seldom gets kudos from film critics who consider him merely an "action" star

Beyonce--over exposed and repeating the same dance moves in her videos

Jim Carrey--former multi-million dollar man who seems to play the same character over and over.

Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro--living off their reputations as actors' actors.

Oprah--fat again! My goodness.

Christian Bale--overlooked as a serious actor and ridiculed for the voice he used as Batman in "The Dark Knight."

Lest there be some confusion. These are not my views. Just want to alert "wanna-be celebrities" that the media and the public can turn on you like a pissed off pit bull.

See ya next time. Keep Focused!