Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

A friend recently reminded me that I hadn't updated this blog. (Thanks for noticing.) However, if I don't feel the urge to express an opinion about a current event or issue, I don't.

Blogging is one aspect of my writing career, and I'm still working to develop a unique online presence.

Consequently, I experiment with different ways for using "The Written Word."

Hopefully, someday I will attract enough followers whose input will help keep it relevant and informative.

The idea for this blog popped into my head recently. So, here it is.

Things That Will Probably Never Happen...

TV political ads that offer a candidate's platform NOT merely attack an opponent with shrill accusations.

Credit card bills less than four-pages long;

Correspondence from corporations or government agencies written in plain English;

Telephone customer service reps who don't treat you like a two-year old;

Call-backs from companies that are "investigating" your problem or issue;

TV reality shows that don't feature heavily-made up girls and muscle-bound guys;

Websites that don't require you to register, sign-in, or view a promotional ad;

"Free" products or services that don't require a credit card;

President Obama getting recognition from Republicans (and increasingly, Democrats) for anything his administration has done;

Expensive premium channels that don't show the same (old) movies over and over again;

Conservative talk show hosts who express points of view without insults or shouting.

Got a minute? Why not share a few of your own?