Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Someone Please Give Me Specifics About Your Political Platform!

Political campaigning in America is woefully inadequate.

Neither Republican nor Democratic candidates provide more than grand promises or harsh accusations.

This clash of tongues, not ideas, leaves me wondering what any of them would DO relative to the economy, ISIS, North Korea, gun control, immigration, or national security.

Admittedly, these are complex, even longstanding, issues that defy easy or quick solutions. Still, we elect representatives who we hope will grapple thoughtfully and thoroughly with them, not make glib statements to garner votes.

On the Republican side, criticizing Obama and overturning legislation passed under his watch are major themes. Nonetheless, I have not heard what, if anything, Republican candidates would put forth to replace "Obamacare."

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, millions of Americans could no longer get health insurance if they have a pre-existing condition or could lose access to medical care.

Democrat Bernie Sanders says that his first initiative after becoming President would be to make Big Corporations pay their fair share of taxes. This might not be so easy in a Republican-dominated 114th Congress, Bernie.

Donald Trump's lead in the polls remains a mystery to me. (He is, however, gaining credibility with print and broadcast journalists who seem surprised that his is maintaining a strong lead over other Republican candidates.)

Some political observers suggest that Trump speaks to the fears and grievances of millions of Americans who work hard but seemingly cannot hold onto their middle class dreams.

So, what are his solutions? Beats me. I have not heard him outline any concrete policies or legislation that he would put forth.

As for Hillary Clinton, she is conducting such a low-key campaign that I find it difficult to determine what she will do to address the serious issues facing our nation.

I am no political pundit, but I am a voter.

So far, I am not excited by much of what  I hear from candidates in this election year.

How about you?