Monday, September 19, 2011

Will President Obama Get a Second Term?

Why, I wonder, would President Obama campaign for a second term?

The sweet smell of success that surrounded his 2008 presidential campaign has turned to stink.

* His Gallup Poll approval rating hovers at 40 percent, the lowest of his term.

* Republicans have an almost pathological dislike of the man and his policies.

* The American public blames him for everything from increasing the deficit to pandering to corporate interests.

* Democrats have been slow to speak out in support of Presidential initiatives, and some consider him too conciliatory toward Republicans.

Who will comprise his voter base in 2010?

Independents? (Not a sure bet, according to some political analysts.)

African-Americans? (They have been eloquently silent throughout his term.)

Will I vote for him again? Probably so.

I do not support all of his policies, but on the other hand, Republicans seem eager to gut or veto any initiative that helps ordinary Americans.