Monday, September 26, 2016

(In)Human Nature

It is easy to become disillusioned with human beings in light of daily injustices, atrocities, and mass killings.

Disillusionment is behind every "riot" that erupts when another black man is shot by a police officer.

Disillusionment keeps women who have been raped from stepping forward to confront their attacker(s).

Disillusionment prevents victims of human trafficking from escaping their captures.

Disillusionment stops otherwise concerned citizens from voting.

Disillusionment fuels frustration that comes after dealing with companies/corporations that pursue profits over customer satisfaction.

Disillusionment results when whistle blowers end up disgraced, financially-ruined, or vilified after exposing corruption or injustice.

I could go on.

What saves us from absolute disillusionment, however, are (extra)ordinary acts of compassion by:

  • A retiree who feeds the homeless from his pension.
  • A corporate employee whose advice saves you hundreds of dollars.
  • A citizen who risks his/her life to save another.
  • A  journalist who risks his career to highlight corruption or injustice.
  • An organization that strives to free those wrongfully imprisoned.
There is hope for the human race; just look beyond the horror stories heralded in the media to those small acts of mercy, courage, and generosity that often follow in their wake.