Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Presidential Race: Not a Popularity Contest

Governor Mitt Romney is neck-in-neck with President Obama in the presidential race. Whoa! How did that happen? I cannot think of one proposal on the Republican hopeful's platform. Mostly, he has re-shaped his image into "I'm just like you, only richer. :)"

Likewise, Obama is too laid back; he projects, "I am president, but also a cool guy." He shows up on lightweight shows (i.e. "The View") to "chat" about his politics.

I  hope the next stage of the campaign will include serious (not nasty) debates about their plans to boost the economy, to limit super PACs (political action committees) spending, to promote gay rights, to curb corporate misdeeds, and to make taxes more equitable.

Perhaps, Americans are too jaded to care anymore. We take democracy for granted as well as our power to affect change. So, if things continue to go downhill for the 99 percent, we should not complain.